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Just Take The First Step


I want to…but I am scared.

New beginnings and journeys can be frightening and sometimes overwhelming but it’s important to simply take the first step. But life has a way of forcing you to go into the direction of your destiny. Once you submit to your destiny, you can now make the universe bend in your favor.

We all have been systematically programmed since we were children: Go to school, come home, go to sleep, wake up and repeat. As we get older, we replace school with work and then repeat the same mundane routine, over and over again. Where is the living in that? Why do we have to squeeze time in to do the things that we enjoy and love because so much of our time is devoted to the programmed routine?

The Shift

Once, maybe twice in a lifetime we will take part in the crossroad experience. This is an event in which we know if we go in one direction or the other our lives will never be the same. I personally experienced this about 8 years ago. I was battling with a prescription pain medicine addiction and one day I saw my life flash before my eyes. I saw myself strung out on something much worse and I was unrecognizable. I knew that from that vision I had to take immediate action and move back home with my parents and I did. It was difficult because I had a life of my own and I was independent but I was slowly killing myself. I had the ultimate shift. Had I not made that decision, my life would be completely different or better yet non-existent. Maybe you have not had to battle addiction but are stuck in a purposeless job, unfulfilled relationship, etc., and you need to break from it. Today you can experience the shift…

Today’s Mission: Take the First Step…it will always be the scariest step. However, after you take that first step you will discover courage, purpose, and strength. These are the necessary tools for success and truly living a life of abundance!

Be Patient With the Process


“Why is it taking so long?”

“When will it be my turn?”

“Is this really worth the wait?”

Have you found yourself asking any of these questions in regards to your business, relationships, and/or image? If you are anything like me you have. We live in a “Microwave Society”, where we want to be able to put forth minimal time and see exponential results. Too often terms such as, “Overnight Success and Instant Millionaire are used and they perpetuate the “Hourglass Syndrome”, as I like to call it. Instead of paying close attention to the process of whatever goal you want to achieve, we pay more attention to the clock. We put so many unnecessary deadlines on ourselves that we develop anxiety and stress, which can be creativity killers.

Be Patient With the Process

I want to encourage everyone to be patient and learn to become a student of whatever it is that you are trying to excel in. It could be a new hobby, a new relationship, a new business, etc. Enjoy the process of discovery and mastery. Know that it is important to have goals and deadlines with somethings but make sure they are appropriate and necessary.

Today’s Mission: Be patient with the process and don’t forget to learn the valuable lessons along the way.

Why Am I Here?


I purposely refrained from posting a blog for 7 WHOLE DAYS!!! It was very difficult, to say the least. Blogging can be so very therapeutic but I didn’t want the theme of my blog to be a therapy session for myself. I had to ask myself, Why Am I Here? What is my purpose that goes beyond myself? Am I committed to that purpose? Is that commitment something that propels me into Massive Action…everyday?

Good News!

I identified and committed to my newly discovered purpose. I am ready to take massive action! I will succeed and I will win!

So now it’s time for you, ask YOURSELF…Why Am I Here? And watch what happens, the outcome will astonish you!

Stop Reinventing Yourself and Start EVOLVING


As an entrepreneur, it is very difficult to resist the urge of constantly re-inventing yourself, your image, your brand, etc. I have fallen victim to it plenty of times. Not too long ago I sought the expert advice of Cameron Washington, Brand Development and Lifestyle Expert, and he advised me to stop re-inventing and simply EVOLVE. I have noticed that when you keep constantly changing your mission, your title, your focus, people do not take you or your brand seriously. It’s as if you are desperately trying to connect with any and everyone. I know because I am guilty of this behavior and enough is enough! *smile*

Own You!

Your ideas, your look, your vision is awesome! So own it, embrace it, share it. It is pointless to try and stuff yourself into a mold that is already occupied. People will recognize your authenticity and fall in love with you, not who you are trying to emulate.

Evolution not Imitation

Take the time to enhance on who you are. Make minor adjustments or tweeks. Simply step it up just a notch at a time. Do not go from 0-60! Give yourself time to evaluate, adjust and improve. “No one is built like you, you design yourself.” If this statement is true, then you and only you will know where your design needs improvement. Cease comparing yourself to others and compare your present self to what you want your best and future self to look like.

Today’s Mission: Contemplate on what makes you unique and develop your uniqueness. *Notice I said DEVELOP NOT CHANGE. Write these aspects down and begin visualizing them. You will be on your way to developing YOU!

Are You an Expert at What You Do?


How many of us would like to be an expert? Most of us I’m sure. However, it’s almost impossible to become an expert at anything if you are focused on everything. Here are some steps that will guide you down the road towards becoming an expert:

  1. Focus: Choose on ONE area of expertise.
  2. Research: Read books, blogs, magazines, etc., on your chosen topic.
  3. Study: Become a true student. Align yourself with a mentor and ask for advice
  4. Obsession: If you truly want to be an expert you can not be distracted by anything else. Become a fanatic.
  5. Teach and Repeat: Once you become an expert, teach what you have learned and repeat the process. Create apprentices to continue the movement.

Share with me your comments and ways that you mastered your craft!

The Power of Being Still


Stop and Be…

I am always reluctant to share with the world about the “inner voices” that I hear. In all actuality they aren’t voices but my thoughts amplified throughout my consciousness. The other night my thoughts were consumed with one dominate message, Be Still. Being a parent and entrepreneur that can be very, very, difficult. But I did it anyway and I was able to see and hear all that I needed to know about my position in life and well as the forecast of my future.

As humans, we are the only creatures that can not only see but also hear our thoughts. This uniqueness allows us to be in control over what we think. BUT many of us do not realize that we have this power and we relinquish ourselves to our thoughts instead of vice versa. Here is a great exercise that will allow you to see the power that you have over your thoughts:

Harness Your Thoughts

In order to change the way that you think you must observe what you think. And the best way to do that is to Be Still.

Today’s Mission:Allow yourself the luxury of experiencing stillness. You may birth new ideas, perspectives, and/ or solutions for your life!

Reflect Today…Change Tomorrow

The Power of Reflection

Reflection on one’s current situation eventually leads to an assessment of what is and what should be.

Mastering Persistence



constantly repeated; continued especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, and discouragement.

Being persistent is tough! It is difficult to see a huge road block called adversity and continue towards it and conquer it. Responsible and success driven adults don’t see any other option. Typically behind the struggles, challenges, and distractions is where our greatest achievements dwell.

Get Persistent

Easier said then done right? Below you will find some steps that will help you become a master at being persistent.

  • Clarity of Goals-it is difficult to press on through adversity, if you don’t know what you’re pressing towards.
  • Discipline Your Disappointment– take the emotion out of your obstacles, they are lessons not failures.
  • Affirm Yourself– know who you are and be proud of that person. Remind yourself everyday, why you are on a mission and why you are capable of completing that mission.

These are just a few key steps that will propel you forward in being persistent. I look forward to hearing from you. Share with me your thoughts on being persistent and what you may have done that helped you stay focused.

Today’s Mission: Outline your goals and why you should push towards them.

The Bendable Universe


A Stranger’s Advice

If you look at the picture above, everything surrounding the illuminating object is conforming and bending around it. Two days ago, I had a very deep conversation with a complete stranger. In just a few short minutes this individual identifies, dissected and analyzed the obstacles in my life without me saying ONE WORD! This person then gave me instructions on how to change my mindset and allow the universe to bend according to my purpose. This wasn’t the first time I was introduced to this “Universe bending” theory. Awhile back, I read an article on which featured a video of Will Smith outlining what it takes to make the universe bend to your will (no pun intended).

Typically my blogs offer advice, encourage dialogue, and sometimes provide solutions to problems that many of us face today. Today’s blog, however, is more self reflective and a jump off point of my paradigm shift. If you find yourself in a similar position as my self, I implore you to join me on this journey.

Today’s Mission: Eliminate all limits and fears and BELIEVE!

Awaken the Olympian Within You


The whole world is proud of the Women’s US Olympic Team. They are a courageous, determined, fearless group of young women. But it is no question that the breakout star is Ms. Gabrielle Douglas. I don’t follow gymnastics, so I wasn’t truly familiar with her until the airing of the 2012 Olympics. I began to research her story and I was so inspired! Gabby and her family made the ultimate sacrifice and allowed Gabby to move 3,000 miles away to train with the world’s best gymnastics coach. She lived with a host family while she trained and had to be home schooled because of her grueling training hours. She sacrificed her family, friends, and just being a teenager to pursue her dreams.

Are You Ready To be An Olympian?

You do not have to be an athlete to think and train like an Olympian. How many of you would be willing and ready to sacrifice everything that is comfortable to pursue your dreams and goals? We should all learn a lesson from this 16 year old champion. You are capable of achieving anything that you commit you ENTIRE being to. Reach higher, dig deeper, run faster…it will all be worth it!