Awaken the Olympian Within You


The whole world is proud of the Women’s US Olympic Team. They are a courageous, determined, fearless group of young women. But it is no question that the breakout star is Ms. Gabrielle Douglas. I don’t follow gymnastics, so I wasn’t truly familiar with her until the airing of the 2012 Olympics. I began to research her story and I was so inspired! Gabby and her family made the ultimate sacrifice and allowed Gabby to move 3,000 miles away to train with the world’s best gymnastics coach. She lived with a host family while she trained and had to be home schooled because of her grueling training hours. She sacrificed her family, friends, and just being a teenager to pursue her dreams.

Are You Ready To be An Olympian?

You do not have to be an athlete to think and train like an Olympian. How many of you would be willing and ready to sacrifice everything that is comfortable to pursue your dreams and goals? We should all learn a lesson from this 16 year old champion. You are capable of achieving anything that you commit you ENTIRE being to. Reach higher, dig deeper, run faster…it will all be worth it!

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