The Bendable Universe


A Stranger’s Advice

If you look at the picture above, everything surrounding the illuminating object is conforming and bending around it. Two days ago, I had a very deep conversation with a complete stranger. In just a few short minutes this individual identifies, dissected and analyzed the obstacles in my life without me saying ONE WORD! This person then gave me instructions on how to change my mindset and allow the universe to bend according to my purpose. This wasn’t the first time I was introduced to this “Universe bending” theory. Awhile back, I read an article on which featured a video of Will Smith outlining what it takes to make the universe bend to your will (no pun intended).

Typically my blogs offer advice, encourage dialogue, and sometimes provide solutions to problems that many of us face today. Today’s blog, however, is more self reflective and a jump off point of my paradigm shift. If you find yourself in a similar position as my self, I implore you to join me on this journey.

Today’s Mission: Eliminate all limits and fears and BELIEVE!

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