Mastering Persistence



constantly repeated; continued especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, and discouragement.

Being persistent is tough! It is difficult to see a huge road block called adversity and continue towards it and conquer it. Responsible and success driven adults don’t see any other option. Typically behind the struggles, challenges, and distractions is where our greatest achievements dwell.

Get Persistent

Easier said then done right? Below you will find some steps that will help you become a master at being persistent.

  • Clarity of Goals-it is difficult to press on through adversity, if you don’t know what you’re pressing towards.
  • Discipline Your Disappointment– take the emotion out of your obstacles, they are lessons not failures.
  • Affirm Yourself– know who you are and be proud of that person. Remind yourself everyday, why you are on a mission and why you are capable of completing that mission.

These are just a few key steps that will propel you forward in being persistent. I look forward to hearing from you. Share with me your thoughts on being persistent and what you may have done that helped you stay focused.

Today’s Mission: Outline your goals and why you should push towards them.

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