Just Take The First Step


I want to…but I am scared.

New beginnings and journeys can be frightening and sometimes overwhelming but it’s important to simply take the first step. But life has a way of forcing you to go into the direction of your destiny. Once you submit to your destiny, you can now make the universe bend in your favor.

We all have been systematically programmed since we were children: Go to school, come home, go to sleep, wake up and repeat. As we get older, we replace school with work and then repeat the same mundane routine, over and over again. Where is the living in that? Why do we have to squeeze time in to do the things that we enjoy and love because so much of our time is devoted to the programmed routine?

The Shift

Once, maybe twice in a lifetime we will take part in the crossroad experience. This is an event in which we know if we go in one direction or the other our lives will never be the same. I personally experienced this about 8 years ago. I was battling with a prescription pain medicine addiction and one day I saw my life flash before my eyes. I saw myself strung out on something much worse and I was unrecognizable. I knew that from that vision I had to take immediate action and move back home with my parents and I did. It was difficult because I had a life of my own and I was independent but I was slowly killing myself. I had the ultimate shift. Had I not made that decision, my life would be completely different or better yet non-existent. Maybe you have not had to battle addiction but are stuck in a purposeless job, unfulfilled relationship, etc., and you need to break from it. Today you can experience the shift…

Today’s Mission: Take the First Step…it will always be the scariest step. However, after you take that first step you will discover courage, purpose, and strength. These are the necessary tools for success and truly living a life of abundance!

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