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The Benefits of a Natural Body Detox

I am honestly considering a natural body detox. I feel HORRIBLE!!! Seriously, I really do. I am sluggish, all of my energy comes from coffee and Vivran…lol. Which is okay for the moment, but over a long period of time, those things can do more damage than good. So what is a blogger to do? I am a parent, entrepreneur, writer, daughter, and the list goes on and on. I cannot continue feeling this way. I began researching detoxification of the body and I think I found the solution to my problems. Researcher say that you are supposed to have a full body detox at least twice a year! Well that means I am about 31 years behind, because I have never had one.

Natural Body Detox Benefits


  • Weight Loss- In most cases, people have so much accumulated waste in our bodies that it adds to extra ponds. Especially in the mid-section.
  • Increased Energy-Once all of the toxins and accumulated waste is expelled from our body, we can process vitamins and minerals more efficiently and by default have more energy.
  • Renewed Skin: Our skin is the largest elimination organ in our body. A natural body detox pushes all of the toxins out of our body and sometimes through our skin. Over time our skin will begin to renew itself and begin to glow!!!
  • Mental Clarity: If toxins can affect your skin, energy levels, and other things, they can definitely affect your brain. After detoxification, people tend to have a heighten sense of awareness and the mental “fog” is lifted.


These are just a few benefits of participating in a natural body detox. Next week I will share with you the detox program that I will be participating in. I can’t wait!!!! I am so eager and excited! I hope this information helps those who are thinking about doing a natural body detox.

How Can I Make a Difference?

Often times we find ourselves saying, “I want to do something more” or “I want to make a difference”! There are so many things in this world that need change or an implanting of fresh ideas. I find myself wanting to do more to make at least a ripple in this puddle of life. So where do you start? How to you become someone who makes change? Here a few steps that I took into make the transition from being an observer of life to a participator of life.

Start Making a Difference Today


  • Get Fed Up: One thing that I have noticed about life is, when you have had enough your frustration will propel into taking massive action. My mentors always tell me, “If you keep doing what you’re doing. you’ continue to get what you’ve been getting”. If day after day, you are tired of witnessing violence, tired of getting mistreated at work, or just tired of feeling unfulfilled, you will reach a point where you either decide to change or succumb to being miserable. Don’t choose the latter, that generally leads to methods of escapism to deal with what you call life.
  • Pick a Cause That Sticks To You: If you are troubled by domestic violence, support your local domestic violence organization. If obesity is something that you battle, join the fight to end obesity and become more involved. I personally chose mentoring high school girls, because I yearned for a mentor when I was a teenager. Because i am passionate about this, this is a cause that is “stuck to me”.
  • Start a Forum or Blog: Begin expressing yourself and voicing your opinion on what you would like to change. By doing this you are creating a platform for other individuals to hear your voice. Pretty soon, you will make connections with like minded individuals. This is where the magic begins!
  • Create a Movement: Now that you have connected with those that share the same passion about making change, join forces. Start a Facebook and/or MeetUp group. Create initiatives or events together and start spreading the word in your community, state, country, and eventually globally.

It only take one person to catapult a whole movement for change.

Are you going to be that person?

What are some of the things that you would like to see change?

Please comment below, let’s start today!

The Happy Family

 “We never see each other!” “She is always on the computer!” “He is always texting!” “We are ships passing in the night.”

If these are some of the things that you have been saying lately chances are you are not typically a happy family. Now that’s not to say that you don’t love each other. But “just getting” by or “getting along” isn’t enough to be happy.

While reading WebMD, I found an article outlining 15 Secrets to Have a Happy Family. I will not do a full review of the article but I am going to share some of the “secrets” that I thought would be helpful.

You are family!

  • Enjoy One Another: You are family! You should be happy to see your children or your spouse or your siblings. Appreciate the fact that you have a family. There are some people who have only themselves.
  • Stop Being Busy: If your calendar is loaded with yoga classes, hair appointments, women’s meetings, golf outings, karate class, ballet class, etc., that’s too much. Limit your after school and after work activities to one per day. Schedule your “me time” when the kids are in class or your spouse is at work. Start collaborating and sharing activities such as exercising and do them together.
  • Communicate: Everyone in the family should feel comfortable to talk freely amongst each other. If a child has a concern or anxiety, they should be able to talk to their family FIRST without any hesitation.

For the entire article please CLICK HERE. This will not solve all of your familial problems, but it is definitely a start to having a happy family. Comment below and let me know what you think!

The College Entrepreneur

Today I was walking through a college campus and I was reflecting on my college days. I was thinking about how easy my life would have been if I would have became a college entrepreneur.

When you go to college, most likely you will find an on campus job for extra money. But quickly you realize that the money isn’t enough for books, clothes, and/or activities that you would like to be apart of. So what do most students do?

  • Max Out their Student Loans
  • Open up Multiple Credit Cards
  • Borrow money from Mom and Dad

The first three options have you in the RED with someone else. Many college students are graduating with mountains of debt that the acquired from college. The last option lessens the amount of time that you should be focused on the very reason why you are in college…TO LEARN!!!!

Become a College Entrepreneur

Here are some benefits of becoming a college entrepreneur

Unlimited Networks: A college environment is an entrepreneurs dream! In every class, study group, dining hall, and dorm hallway you have access to different people every day!

Awesome Resources: College computer labs and facilities are equipped with the best software and equipment that you will need to grow your business. This is what your “Activity Fee” pays for, so USE IT!!!

Like Minds = Masterminds: You will be able to connect with others who may have a similar vision and are willing to collaborate with you, i.e. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, the Google Boys.

Find Your Passion and Capitalize on It!

So what should I do? There are plenty of ways that you can generate income while in college that will not get in the way of your studies. If you like styling hair become an on campus stylist. If you are great and proof reading and editing, start your own proofreading business. Due some research on internet marketing, if you find the right company you can make money on auto pilot while you sleep!

Whatever avenue that you choose, consider being a college entrepreneur before borrowing money or overwhelming yourself with another job.

To Your Success,

The Life Architect

The Attitude of Gratitude

In everyday living it is important to practice the attitude of gratitude.  Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with what is going wrong in our lives, that we lose appreciation for what is great in our lives. So what exactly is gratitude?

Gratitude is the act of being grateful, appreciative, and thankful…

I recently heard someone say, “Things happen for you, not to you. And everything that happens for you whether it is good or bad, you should be thankful for”. Wow!! That was truly a unique perspective for me to accept and digest. But what I noticed was that the more I looked at life through the lens of gratitude, I was able to manage my emotions and feeling better.  It is challenging but definitely possible! Here are a few things that will encourage the attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude Practices

  • Remain Positive:  I truly believe that our thoughts and feeling are controlled like a switch. You can turn them on and off. The difficult part is recognizing the switch and utilizing it. It takes much discipline to be positive. It takes no discipline whatsoever to be negative. The more disciplined that we are with our positive thoughts and actions. We will be able to make the “switch” whenever we feel negativity creeping in.
  • Enjoy life: Often times we are just existing in life, and we don’t take the time to truly “smell the roses”. I know that it sounds cliché but it’s so true. Life is so beautiful and wonderful! But we forget because we are busy at work, with the kids, meetings, social media, emails, etc. All of these things distract us from all of the blessings that surround us every day. So to partake in this particular cliché is not wrong at all.
  • Be Grateful for Yourself: We need to love ourselves more. And by this I do not mean from a position of vanity, but simple be thankful for who you are…flaws and all. There are things about you that are unique to you and because of that you are an asset to this world! So start being grateful for you being you!
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal: Begin documenting all of the things that you are thankful for every day. By doing this you will allow yourself to seek out things to be grateful for throughout the day.

The New Attitude of Gratitude

Once we see life’s obstacles and trials as lesson to be learned we can start being grateful for them. Remember, things don’t happen to you they happen for you! I hope that you take these lessons learned and overwhelm yourself with the attitude of gratitude. Once you begin looking at life through this perspective, many other things will start to change positively by default. You will see a significant difference in your career, business, relationships, etc. Here’s to your success!

How to Fix My Relationship

I always have conversations with people that start off with the question: Where did it all go wrong? Their marriage or courtship has gotten to the point of discontent and they want to know how to fix their relationship.  In the beginning of most relationships you are in the infatuation stage. You call and/or text each other all of the time. You go out to dinner or hang out with friends at least 3 nights a week. You laugh, joke, tickle, and giggle with one another.

Then there is a pivotal moment or occasion that sends the relationship into an entirely different direction.

For most couples these occasions consist of one or more of the following:

  • A union- marriage, birth of a child, even a new pet, etc.
  • A loss- death of a family member, friend, colleague, or pet.
  • A change- finances, career, early, mid, late-life-crisis

There are definitely more life changing scenarios that can alter a relationship, but these tend to be the most common ones. Any of the above can alter your perspective on life, the way that you think and/or feel. Thus changing how you operate in your relationship. Do you want to know how I know? It’s because I have been there. I have a son, who is one years old and he is my LIFE! However, before I had my son I was a social butterfly and partied all of the time. I was super fun to be around. So by default, I was a fun girlfriend. Since being a mother I have not been fun at all. I may have my moments of goofiness here and there but that is about it. I was not fun anymore and it took a toll on my relationship.

So how do I fix my relationship for good?

Fix Yourself

This is the hardest yet most crucial step in this journey.  It is difficult to look into your inner mirror and say, “I don’t know who I am anymore” or “Where is the real me?”.  The easiest way to begin your self- evaluation is through journaling. Write down how and why you feel the way that you do. Jot down 10 things that you love about yourself and focus on letting those things shine over the things that you don’t particularly care for.

Communicate Better

Maybe you don’t need to be “fixed”.  It could be your spouse or partner who needs more alterations. If that is the case then communication is KEY. Every couple needs to master the art of communication. Identify what makes your significant other happy, sad, furious, giddy, etc. What are the trigger words that can send your partner crying, screaming, or smiling? Once you learn how to communicate with one another effectively is will change how you perceive one another.

Do Unto Others

It sounds like such a cliché, doesn’t it? But it really is that simple. Treat your loved one the way that you want to be treated. If you keep their happiness in the forefront of your mind, you will become more aware of their feelings towards you and what you do and say. The same applies to them as well.

Fixing a relationship takes consistency, persistence, and determination.

This isn’t meant to be a fly by night, love overnight remedy. But it’s worth it. If you follow these steps, over time you will discover a new vigor in your relationship and start re-living those courtship days when it was all smiles, giggles, and laughs…well at least a majority of the time. Hey, you have to start somewhere!

Become a Global Entrepreneur Without Leaving Home

These days starting an becoming a global entrepreneur from home has never been easier!

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, business manager, or writer, there are an infinite number of ways to make money leveraging the Internet.

While it does take some serious commitment and hard work (just like anything else worth succeeding at), more and more people are becoming their own boss by turning their passions into legitimate enterprises online.

What makes the Internet so attractive is that it will instantly allow you to participate in the global economy…without leaving your home.

What a cost effective way to reach millions of potential customers!
Not only can you tap into your local markets, putting your business online opens up the gateways to international commerce. Ever thought of selling your books in Italy, or servicing an international client who needs web design services?

It’s possible online and you don’t need any more than an internet connection and some basic knowledge to make it happen.

Find a Niche
The very first step is finding out who your target market is going to be. Who needs what you have to offer, and where do you find them online? There are a number of free tools that will help you determine your target audience. Use Google Analytics to find out who you are appealing to the most, and then cater your services and content to target those people directly. Another great tool is Google Global Market Finder. It can show you where there’s demand for your keywords – and your products.

Choose Your Platform
How will you deliver your content to your audience? If you have a physical product to sell, you may want to consider listing your business with sites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Google Product Search allows you to upload your products through the Google Merchant Center, with links back to your store. You may also want to sell directly from your blog or website.

Making Your Business Accessible
To make money in your online business, it’s important to be able to drive organic traffic to your site and convert visitors to buyers. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and your services, products and prices are displayed in the local currency. You also want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to purchase from you. Giving your visitors the best experience possible while they are on your site is guaranteed to increase sales. Also, make sure visitors and customers can get in contact with you through a customer support platform that makes it simple for them to ask questions and get prompt responses.

Other details you’ll want to research are shopping carts and payment processors. How will people pay for your services? Does everyone have access to PayPal, or do you need to have other options, such as credit card or e-check payments. You’ll also need to think about shipping if you’re sending products overseas. If you create and sell digital products, customers can be redirected to a download page once their transaction is complete.

Go Social

Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a great way to connect with customers and engage with potential prospects. There are a ton of new opportunities that come from utilizing social media platforms. Not only is it a great way to connect, you can drive leads, build your credibility and brand exposure, as well as find new partnership opportunities. Social media continues to prove to be a hotspot for networking, sharing ideas, and picking up advice.

Becoming a successful global entrepreneur does take some work, and there are no shortcuts for success. There will be many learning experiences, missteps and challenges, but if you do your research, develop a solid marketing plan, and put in the work, your business will flourish. Once you have a formula that works, stick to it and the payoff can be extraordinary. Becoming a global entrepreneur allows you to open up the gates of the Internet and welcome prospects from all over the world – without leaving your home.

Order, Order, Order!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was filled with reflection, analyzing and planning. Since I have the moniker,  The Life Architect, I should practice what I preach right? My main message is Design Your Life…Build Your Future. This is what I help people to do, all day every day. But I have a confession…I haven’t been following my own advice and message (yikes!). I have allowed life’s turns and twists sway me back and forth in different directions. It’s even evident in my blog posts! August and September has been a little hay wire, but I recognized it and now I am taking action and living a Designed Life. Now don’t get worried I will not be boring or unlike myself, I will simply have more structure. And structure is good!

For those of you who do not know, I am an entrepreneur, mother, life coach, social media strategist, etc. It seems like a lot but it only becomes overwhelming when I don’t have a system. I want to continue to provide all of you with quality content, so to do that my blog will be as follow:

  • Mondays-Marketing/Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Tuesdays-Relationships
  • Wednesdays-Spirituality
  • Thursdays-Health and Wellness
  • Fridays-Personal Development
  • Saturdays-Social Media
  • Sundays-The Art of Blogging

I look forward to sharing my experience, expertise, and thoughts in all of these areas! I will be setting up an email list so that we can stay connected. I will be launching my website soon and I want you all to be apart of it!!

Design Your Life…Build Your Future!

Making the Jump from Employee to Online Entrepreneur

Once you’ve made the decision to become your own boss, taking the next step from employee to online entrepreneur can be pretty intimidating.

As an employee you had a predictable, stable work schedule. You knew what to expect and had the support of other employees to accomplish daily tasks, but as an entrepreneur you are responsible for the success or failure of your own business.

But, you are also gaining freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to play by your own rules.

Thousands of people start their own business every year. Most are not successful, but many of them are. What can we learn from those who successfully made the leap from employee to entrepreneur?

1. Belief

Confidence is the driving factor that gets many new and inexperienced entrepreneurs through the learning curve of being their own boss. Simply believing that they can become successful on their own fuels their actions and guides their decisions.

To make money as an online entrepreneur, you have to be in it to succeed from the very beginning. There can be no doubt, no second-guessing. You have to have every intention of winning.

2. Viable Ideas

If you plan to make the jump from employee to online entrepreneur it is smart to have a plan and even smarter to have a plan that’s based on a viable idea. Do your research to ensure there is a market for what you want to pursue.

Having a viable business idea can be the difference in earning an online income quickly, or not at all. Having an idea that works makes it easier to tap into a ready made audience that can support your business plan.

3. Making a Slow Transition

There are many people who choose to make the leap from employee to online entrepreneur more gradually. Instead of jumping all in, they begin working from home part-time and gaining the experience and income they need to stay afloat until they can replace their paycheck at their current job.

While this can be stressful, and for some unrealistic; having the ability to fall back on a steady paycheck as you grow your business is the only option for many people.

However, if you are serious about getting rid of your 9-5, you make the sacrifice, and once your business begins to replace what you are making at your job, you can comfortably leave your job and become your own full time boss.

No matter how you choose to make the jump from employee to online entrepreneur, it begins with a decision and a plan. Be smart, take action, and have the confidence to go after the success you desire. Most people become entrepreneurs because they want to have more control over their lifestyle. They want more flexibility, more time, and more financial freedom. Whatever your reason is, the bottom line is that you will simply have to go for it!

Why a Blog is Better Than a Website

Businesses have had websites for years. Now, more individuals are hosting their own ‘websites’, by having a blog. There are more than 17 million registered blogs, and more popping up daily. Here are 5 reasons having a blog is better than a website!

  1. Blogs are easy to set up! You can install a WordPress blog in merely minutes. You don’t have to be too technically savvy to get this done. You don’t have to worry about coding, and the core files are there for you. You can find ‘done for you designs’ which are called themes. There are tons of free ones! The WordPress dashboard is very user friendly. All you need to do is log in, add your content. It is very easy to manage your pages, categories, and comments. The blog platform does the technical work. You get to add your content and manage your site the way you want!
  1. Reader interaction! When someone visits your blog and has an opinion, they can share it through commenting. You’ll get to know frequent visitors, and respond to their comments. Those conversations can continue through comments or email. When you have comments on a particular topic, it makes other visitors stop to take notice of what’s going on at your blog! Encourage and welcome those comments!
  1. Blogs are more Search Engine Friendly than websites. When a blog is updated, the search engine bot will crawl your site to index your new content. With a blog, you have the ability to optimize your blog content. When you link your pages to each other, you give the search engine bot more options to crawl. This is especially helpful when targeting a specific keyword. You can install a plugin called ‘All In One SEO Pack’ to help with optimization.
  1. Blogs are more popular on social media sites than websites. Because our sense of community has evolved with the internet, readers are more likely to share your best content on social media sites. Readers interact with bloggers. Bloggers also interact with other bloggers and syndicate (share) content they find valuable. It’s very easy to install various plugins that make it easy for your reader to share your content to their favorite social media site!
  1. Readers can subscribe to blogs via RSS feed. RSS stands for ‘Real Simple Syndication’. When a reader subscribes to your RSS feed, your content is delivered directly to their email. They are among the first to know when you have new content, and visit your site as a result. With a website, there is rarely new content and there is no reason for the visitor to visit the site on a regular basis.
  1. Blogging helps with personal branding! When you have a blog, you can shine in your niche by providing content relevant to your target audience. You will be viewed as an authority figure in your niche by the content and knowledge you provide.  The more questions you answer, the more you will brand yourself as a leader. Post content regularly and optimize them so that they are easily found by the search engines.
  1. You have complete control over your blog. You control everything – the look, the content, the hosting, when it’s updated – EVERYTHING! You can update your blog whenever you get ready. You can add or takeaway at your will. With a website, you don’t have that kind of freedom.

Having a blog offers incredible flexibility that a website does not. Start Your blog today!!!