The Power of Being Still


Stop and Be…

I am always reluctant to share with the world about the “inner voices” that I hear. In all actuality they aren’t voices but my thoughts amplified throughout my consciousness. The other night my thoughts were consumed with one dominate message, Be Still. Being a parent and entrepreneur that can be very, very, difficult. But I did it anyway and I was able to see and hear all that I needed to know about my position in life and well as the forecast of my future.

As humans, we are the only creatures that can not only see but also hear our thoughts. This uniqueness allows us to be in control over what we think. BUT many of us do not realize that we have this power and we relinquish ourselves to our thoughts instead of vice versa. Here is a great exercise that will allow you to see the power that you have over your thoughts:

Harness Your Thoughts

In order to change the way that you think you must observe what you think. And the best way to do that is to Be Still.

Today’s Mission:Allow yourself the luxury of experiencing stillness. You may birth new ideas, perspectives, and/ or solutions for your life!

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One response to “The Power of Being Still”

  1. instillari says :

    I agree that sometimes we just need to relax and take in the moment. Our lives can be so busy and full of chaos that we forget to look around us and experience the true beauty of life.

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