Stop Reinventing Yourself and Start EVOLVING


As an entrepreneur, it is very difficult to resist the urge of constantly re-inventing yourself, your image, your brand, etc. I have fallen victim to it plenty of times. Not too long ago I sought the expert advice of Cameron Washington, Brand Development and Lifestyle Expert, and he advised me to stop re-inventing and simply EVOLVE. I have noticed that when you keep constantly changing your mission, your title, your focus, people do not take you or your brand seriously. It’s as if you are desperately trying to connect with any and everyone. I know because I am guilty of this behavior and enough is enough! *smile*

Own You!

Your ideas, your look, your vision is awesome! So own it, embrace it, share it. It is pointless to try and stuff yourself into a mold that is already occupied. People will recognize your authenticity and fall in love with you, not who you are trying to emulate.

Evolution not Imitation

Take the time to enhance on who you are. Make minor adjustments or tweeks. Simply step it up just a notch at a time. Do not go from 0-60! Give yourself time to evaluate, adjust and improve. “No one is built like you, you design yourself.” If this statement is true, then you and only you will know where your design needs improvement. Cease comparing yourself to others and compare your present self to what you want your best and future self to look like.

Today’s Mission: Contemplate on what makes you unique and develop your uniqueness. *Notice I said DEVELOP NOT CHANGE. Write these aspects down and begin visualizing them. You will be on your way to developing YOU!

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