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Set Your Mind…Design Your Life



 A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.
Have you ever heard the saying, “Get Your Mind Right”? If you are like me than you probably have, several times. I always interpreted that as, “get your act together” or “get a hold of yourself”. As it turns out, that saying goes pretty deep. Our minds are the most powerful things that we possess. It is not just a organ or a muscle. It is what controls our own individual universe. Your universe is everything that exists (seen or unseen) in your life. Pretty heavy stuff, huh?
So now that we know how powerful the mind is, we can start to understand how important it is to have your mind set according to what it is that you want out of life. There are people who don’t want anything out of life, and for those people mindset isn’t important. However, most people want success, happiness, tranquility, power, wealth, etc., but have difficulty achieving these things. Nine times out of ten it is because their mindset isn’t in alignment with their life’s mission and vision.
Here are three steps that will help you start to create a paradigm shift.
  1. Identify Your Goals: They need to be specific, realistic, relevant, and have a target date
  2. Develop A Mission Statement: This is a detailed action statement as to how you are going to achieve your goals
  3. Train Your Mind: Buy books, watch videos, listen to audio, and attend seminars that will help you guide your mind towards your goals.

“Once your mind expands, it can never go back to it’s original state.”

The Empire of You


Oprah, Robert Kiyosaki, Tyler Perry, Bill Gates, Ali Brown and the list goes on and on…. These are just a few examples of individuals who realized that they were worth more to the world if they followed their own authentic dreams. Many times we are afraid to put our most outrageous thoughts and ideas into action because we can’t imagine ourselves outside of being average. Most people who have a true entrepreneurial spirit find it difficult to work for someone. We dread the ride to work, we are mediocre at our jobs, we can not relate or adapt that 9-5 mentality, and we refuse to get involved in “water cooler ” chatter. If that sounds like you, more than likely you are an entrepreneur. You just haven’t took action yet!

Through  phenomenal outlets such as the internet and social media, people are walking away from law firms, medical practices, and corporate careers, to BAKE CUPCAKES!!!! It is true! The ability to reach thousands if not millions of people through the touch of a keyboard is giving people HOPE to follow their dreams and passions. And the best part is….they are becoming wealthy by default!!!

I encourage everyone who reads this, who isn’t already an entrepreneur to list 5 things that you always wanted to do. (Be bold, and imaginative) Start looking into how you can bring these ideas to life. Begin building your EMPIRE!!!!

I truly believe that if you define your purpose and passion and follow it, you will be prosperous!

Awakening to Intuition


“If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.” –Dr. Wayne Dyer

Did You Hear That?

Have you ever been alone thinking about something and you begin to hear a voice speaking to you? Don’t worry, I am not trying to re-create a scene from Paranormal Activity or Ghostly Encounters *smile*. There have been many times when I am pondering over making an important decision and I can hear a voice guiding me on what to do. For those of you that don’t know I am a Christian and I firmly believe in the Holy Spirit. As a child, I was afraid of the Holy Spirit because I thought it was a ghost that told you what to do or possessed you. As I matured in my knowledge of self and spirituality, I have come to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit (for me) is intuition, insight, inspiration, and motivation. Think of it as God’s “tutor” for us, if you may. If you are a Christian then you believe that he created us all with free will. So that means that he can not FORCE us to do what is right in his eyes…right? But through the Spirit, he can make our hairs stand up when something isn’t right, or give us an uneasy feeling when we are about to make a bad decision, etc. We DO NOT have to listen to our “tutor” , but if we do it will awaken us to the infinite possibilities of life and our potential.

When You Know, You Know…

I challenge everyone reading this post to be still and become aware of your spirit. Listen to your inner voice. We are the only species on earth that can SEE and HEAR our thoughts. Once you know, that you know, you are now embarking on a journey of self-discovery and total life fulfillment.

Turn Authenticity Into Success


“I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.”
Oprah Winfrey

I have spoken with many people these past couple of weeks about what does it take to be successful. Most of them were teenagers looking for “the Answer” or “the Secret”. I feel that the secret to success lies in who you really are. I was one of those people who thought that you had to be privileged or “in the know” to truly be successful and that was FALSE.

What Is Your Authentic Self?
I discovered my true self by going all the way back to when I was at an age ABOVE influence…6 years old. Up until that age I believed that I could do and be anything. I believed that I could change the world. I believed that God was my best friend and I was his princess. I believed that I was brilliant and beautiful. They keyword is: BELIEF. After the age of 6, my belief started to deteriorate. I wasn’t as confident in myself. I didn’t hold myself to a high regard. My belief shifted from God and myself to other people. Before I knew it I was a 28 year old, unaccomplished, rambling rose (ramble: to move aimlessly from place to place).

In 2010, I had a instant paradigm shift; that of which is still in process. I knew that the only way that I would become successful in all areas of my life, I had to reinvigorate my BELIEF! I had to revert back to the fearlessness and confidence that I once had as a little girl. In that little girl dwells my true, authentic self.

My challenge to everyone is to think back to a time when you believed that anything was possible, or when you believed that you were the best because YOU said so. I want all those who read this to tap into their authentic self and embrace it. Within your authentic self lies your ability to be successful and whatever it is that you want.

Start Failing

“Start today, not tomorrow. If anything, you should have started yesterday. The earlier you start, the more time you have to mess up.” – Emil Motycka


As a new entrepreneur, I am understanding and internalizing the importance of timing and positioning in business. Simply Put: Being at the right place, at the right time. It is imperative that when these two factors are in alignment you must take immediate action if you want to capitalize on an opportunity. Often times people will “sit” on multi- million dollar ideas due to fear of failure not realizing that failure is simply a lesson in how NOT to do something. If you never fail, you will never learn. If you never learn, you will never be great!

Today’s Action Challenge: START FAILING…TODAY!

Do You Complain or Contribute

“As individuals, people are inherently good. I have a somewhat more pessimistic view of people in groups. And I remain extremely concerned when I see what’s happening in our country, which is in many ways the luckiest place in the world. We don’t seem to be excited about making our country a better place for our kids.”

Steve Jobs

I have been in many group discussions over the past couple of months concerning teenagers. Everyone has an opinion but no one has a solution. We are so quick to point out what is wrong with this new generation but never ask them how can we help. They are our future and until we show compassion and concern towards them they will continue to think and act as if we don’t care.

The Magic of a Team


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

~Henry Ford~

My adrenaline is still racing after a phenomenal conference call with all of team members and business partners! We are not a new team but we are definitely resilient!! Over the past two years, I have seen some team members (including myself) go through relationship issues, financial strain, and various other life altering scenarios. Some have even quit. However, it is so inspiring to see those that have not given up inspire others to persevere. We have gone through, and will continue to go through, peaks and valleys in our business. But what matters most is that we stay together and work together so that all of us can share success TOGETHER!

How Excellent!




to surpass ordinary standards.

It has been said that in order for someone to excel or be successful at something, they must have devoted over 10,000 hours or 10 years of practice and dedication. That’s a lot of time, right?  WRONG! If you think about our professional athletes who make astronomical amounts of money NOW. It is because they have been dedicated to their sport and being the best for their entire life.

Are you willing to dedicated 10,000 hours to living the life of your dreams filled with infinite possibilities?

If so, leave a comment below!

The Doctor’s Orders



“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

The Stress-Free Teenager



As we mature into adults, many of us forget what it was like to be a teenager. I always hear parents saying, “I don’t know what is wrong with her ?” or “He needs to snap out of it!”. How easily we forget the challenges and struggles of  being a teenager: Good Grades, Self Esteem, Relationships, Spirituality, Finances, etc. I mentor rising high school seniors and I was overwhelmed by their responses to the question, “What causes you stress?”. I came up with a few solutions to aid them in reducing certain stress factors in their lives.


  1. Create Your Own Personal Escape- this can be in the form of prayer, reading, listening to music, talking a walk,etc. Whatever activity you can do alone that will allow you to decompress.
  2. F.O.C.U.S.- Follow One Course Until Successful, try not to focus on too many things at once. When your ‘To Do List’  exceeds 5 things, it becomes overwhelming.
  3. Take Care Of Yourself- Mind, Body, and Soul. Monitor the food and drink that goes into your body. Evaluate your thoughts and ideas.

These suggestions will not eliminate ALL of the stress in your life,  but it will be a start to managing the stress- causing agents in your life.