Are You an Expert at What You Do?


How many of us would like to be an expert? Most of us I’m sure. However, it’s almost impossible to become an expert at anything if you are focused on everything. Here are some steps that will guide you down the road towards becoming an expert:

  1. Focus: Choose on ONE area of expertise.
  2. Research: Read books, blogs, magazines, etc., on your chosen topic.
  3. Study: Become a true student. Align yourself with a mentor and ask for advice
  4. Obsession: If you truly want to be an expert you can not be distracted by anything else. Become a fanatic.
  5. Teach and Repeat: Once you become an expert, teach what you have learned and repeat the process. Create apprentices to continue the movement.

Share with me your comments and ways that you mastered your craft!

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