The Happy Family

 “We never see each other!” “She is always on the computer!” “He is always texting!” “We are ships passing in the night.”

If these are some of the things that you have been saying lately chances are you are not typically a happy family. Now that’s not to say that you don’t love each other. But “just getting” by or “getting along” isn’t enough to be happy.

While reading WebMD, I found an article outlining 15 Secrets to Have a Happy Family. I will not do a full review of the article but I am going to share some of the “secrets” that I thought would be helpful.

You are family!

  • Enjoy One Another: You are family! You should be happy to see your children or your spouse or your siblings. Appreciate the fact that you have a family. There are some people who have only themselves.
  • Stop Being Busy: If your calendar is loaded with yoga classes, hair appointments, women’s meetings, golf outings, karate class, ballet class, etc., that’s too much. Limit your after school and after work activities to one per day. Schedule your “me time” when the kids are in class or your spouse is at work. Start collaborating and sharing activities such as exercising and do them together.
  • Communicate: Everyone in the family should feel comfortable to talk freely amongst each other. If a child has a concern or anxiety, they should be able to talk to their family FIRST without any hesitation.

For the entire article please CLICK HERE. This will not solve all of your familial problems, but it is definitely a start to having a happy family. Comment below and let me know what you think!

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