The College Entrepreneur

Today I was walking through a college campus and I was reflecting on my college days. I was thinking about how easy my life would have been if I would have became a college entrepreneur.

When you go to college, most likely you will find an on campus job for extra money. But quickly you realize that the money isn’t enough for books, clothes, and/or activities that you would like to be apart of. So what do most students do?

  • Max Out their Student Loans
  • Open up Multiple Credit Cards
  • Borrow money from Mom and Dad

The first three options have you in the RED with someone else. Many college students are graduating with mountains of debt that the acquired from college. The last option lessens the amount of time that you should be focused on the very reason why you are in college…TO LEARN!!!!

Become a College Entrepreneur

Here are some benefits of becoming a college entrepreneur

Unlimited Networks: A college environment is an entrepreneurs dream! In every class, study group, dining hall, and dorm hallway you have access to different people every day!

Awesome Resources: College computer labs and facilities are equipped with the best software and equipment that you will need to grow your business. This is what your “Activity Fee” pays for, so USE IT!!!

Like Minds = Masterminds: You will be able to connect with others who may have a similar vision and are willing to collaborate with you, i.e. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, the Google Boys.

Find Your Passion and Capitalize on It!

So what should I do? There are plenty of ways that you can generate income while in college that will not get in the way of your studies. If you like styling hair become an on campus stylist. If you are great and proof reading and editing, start your own proofreading business. Due some research on internet marketing, if you find the right company you can make money on auto pilot while you sleep!

Whatever avenue that you choose, consider being a college entrepreneur before borrowing money or overwhelming yourself with another job.

To Your Success,

The Life Architect

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