The Empire of You


Oprah, Robert Kiyosaki, Tyler Perry, Bill Gates, Ali Brown and the list goes on and on…. These are just a few examples of individuals who realized that they were worth more to the world if they followed their own authentic dreams. Many times we are afraid to put our most outrageous thoughts and ideas into action because we can’t imagine ourselves outside of being average. Most people who have a true entrepreneurial spirit find it difficult to work for someone. We dread the ride to work, we are mediocre at our jobs, we can not relate or adapt that 9-5 mentality, and we refuse to get involved in “water cooler ” chatter. If that sounds like you, more than likely you are an entrepreneur. You just haven’t took action yet!

Through  phenomenal outlets such as the internet and social media, people are walking away from law firms, medical practices, and corporate careers, to BAKE CUPCAKES!!!! It is true! The ability to reach thousands if not millions of people through the touch of a keyboard is giving people HOPE to follow their dreams and passions. And the best part is….they are becoming wealthy by default!!!

I encourage everyone who reads this, who isn’t already an entrepreneur to list 5 things that you always wanted to do. (Be bold, and imaginative) Start looking into how you can bring these ideas to life. Begin building your EMPIRE!!!!

I truly believe that if you define your purpose and passion and follow it, you will be prosperous!

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