Who Is Directing Your Movie?



Last Saturday, I was blessed to be apart of an amazing conference on Exploring Your Call To Ministry followed by an amazing Sabbath service. The topic of the sermon was “Being Obedient”. The very next day I was watching the OWN Network’s Super Soul Sunday and was in complete awe of what I was watching. The guest on the show was a man by the name of DeVon Franklin who wrote a book entitled, “Produced By Faith”. The author is also one of the top movie executives in all of Hollywood. In his book, he compares life to a movie script and you and God are co-writing this script but ultimately God is the director. One word…WOW!! I must admit that I have always used the “life as a script” metaphor but I thought that I was the DIRECTOR. Shame on me! Rightfully so, I have since fired myself from the director position because it is one that I clearly am not qualified for. I tried directing my life and have failed. I have noticed that it is very difficult for someone to be the main character and director of a movie. The movie tends to be all about the main character or from the main character’s vantage point. I am now submitting my script to God and allowing him to direct my movie.

Something that Mr. Franklin said also struck a chord with me. He said that it is important to embrace your true self and your relationship with God and then you will have true success. As a young Christian woman who is truly embracing my faith for the first time, I thought that I had to be someone else because who I was wasn’t good enough. (shame on me!) I have now embraced the fact that I am clay that is being molded and although my shape is being transformed into something greater, I can still be ME! And that is AWESOME!!

Who is directing your movie?

Are you even the main character in your movie or an extra in someone elses?

I look forward to hearing from you all and enjoy the video!

Produced by Faith

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