Day 1 of My Essence of Vitality Challenge

My bottle of Essence of Vitality finally arrived in the mail yesterday! I ordered it last week and between the postal holiday on Monday and my impatience, I was freaking out!!! I was so ready to just dive right it and get this detox started. Well, I should have took the time to mentally prepare myself for what I was about to embark upon. Before I go into my personal experience, I just want to say that this or any other intense detox takes mentally preparation. This is not for the faint at heart.

So the package came and I ripped open the box super fast!!!! I couldn’t wait! I was moving so fast that I couldn’t even open the darn thing. I finally got the bottle opened. I quickly read the instructions and searched for a measuring cup. I must admit I watched a few video reviews and I wanted to be prepared. Well there is no preparation in the world that could have prepared me for what I was going to witness. I do not believe in scare tactics but I will tell you that this tonic is extremely bitter. I want to let you know this, so that you don’t get discouraged and discontinue the detox. Herbal bitter is different that sour bitter, so if you think this will be a citrus experience , you are sadly mistaken.

The Aftermath: My energy soared through the roof. I have been ignoring the fact that I have this Ebook deadline for months! My boyfriend asked me how long will it take to complete. I told him 3-4 UNINTERRUPTED hours. Normally I would sit my laptop on my lap and attempt to write. An hour later, I am awakened and told to go to sleep. That did not happen last night, I FINISHED IT!!! If this is a window of what’ to come then I will just deal with the extreme bitterness. I have been to the bathroom several times and I love it!!!

My Food for Today: I had a fresh Asian Vegetable Soup (no rice, no noodles), A Fresh strawberry, pineapple,mango smoothie, water, and herbal tea.

I will keep you updated throughout my journey!


Let’s Get Clean Together!

Candace M. Braddock

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4 responses to “Day 1 of My Essence of Vitality Challenge”

  1. DSTPRL says :

    Yes yes yes! Energy out the wazzooo and mental CLARITY! That is what I found. Could not be beat! Elimination takes its course and yes the taste is bitter but I emailed Chef Ahki. There are a few ways to minimize it. Suck on a lime afterwards like you would a tequila shot! She told me the more bitter it tastes means you have a lot of sugar in your system. Over time it dissipates (the bitterness) and she is RIGHT! I am used to the taste so it doesn’t bother me but several folks told me I could not describe it enough to prepare them for what was in store regarding taste. LOL!!

  2. Aja says :

    I received my package in the mail today and like you i was very impatient and

    wanted to start it right away. I watched tons of videos, read as much as i could

    find and after about a month i finally placed my order. Well nothing prepared me

    for the reality of this situation, It was so bitter i could keep it down, i felt like a

    small chlld who has to take medicine. I swear i almost cried, but i was

    determined to get the next 2 oz out of the 4 down. i did it and washed my mouth

    out with listerine (that didnt help much), so i just prayed (im being dramatic but it

    was that bad).

    Day 1 down i pray i can make it to Day 2.

    Are you still taking EOV?

    • The Life Architect says :

      Hello Aja!!! I actually finished the detox and I feel great!!

      Word of Advice: Buy plenty of lemons and limes. If you bite down on a wedge of either after you drink the tonic, it will refresh your taste buds and the bitterness of the tonic won’t linger as much.

      I have also read, that if you refrigerate the tonic it cuts down on the bitterness as well.
      I haven’t tried that method just yet.

      Add me as a friend on Facebook or email me if you would like to stay in touch. I will be more than happy to offer words of encouragement.

  3. tia says :

    Has anyone lost weight while using this?

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