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Help Yourself to Be Better

Poor personal development can negatively affect you, both physically and emotionally. You need to do a lot of your research so that you don’t get depressed if you don’t achieve your goals right away. There are some tips listed below to help you start working on your own plan for personal development.

Prioritize your goals, and value the best things in your life. If you’re working towards specific ends, be sure to weigh its importance against other obligations in your life. This will enable you to develop a practical timeline for personal goals and encourages confidence in your successes. Success will taste so much sweeter if you make your goals manageable!

Stop living in the past. The past is full of memories, but you can’t change any of them. Spending too much time on what used to be only, stifles your personal development. By letting go of the past, you open your hands for whatever the future brings. Your life has to start now so that the future can unfold.

Religion can help some people. Perhaps the religion you were raised in is not for you if you consider yourself an atheist. Certain people see religion as a way of finding their place in the universe, and some people see it as a way to improve their daily life by adopting a certain philosophy.

One of the keys to happiness is success. That is why it is important for you to achieve your goals in order to become happier. This could be work related or something from your personal life, whatever it is, work hard at it. Do not let any setbacks stop you from achieving your goal.

A great way to develop yourself is to try experimenting as much as you can. Don’t be one of those people who watches things happen; make things happen! Experimenting with different ideas allows you to come up with better ones! Once you have come up with these better ideas, you can apply them to achieve a higher quality in whatever you are doing.

Learning a new skill is a great way to stretch yourself and improve the quality of your character. What’s more, perfecting a hobby, technical skill or artistic form may be challenging at first, but if you master it, you will gain a sense of accomplishment, purpose and enjoyment. What’s more, you add to your pool of leisure activities and make yourself a more rounded human being.

Poor personal development can be very troublesome, but with some work and some patience, you can beat it. It just takes research, working, and planning what to do so that you can approach it better. I believe in YOU, Do you?


Storms Will Come

Water √

Snacks √

Blankets √

Candles √

I must admit, I took part in the frenzy brought on by Hurricane Sandy. I made sure that I had all of the essentials necessary to maintain my sanity and prevent perpetual boredom. As I am preparing for this storm, I began to think about life. When we think about it, storms come in and out of our lives all of  the time. Storms such as: debt, failed relationships, heartaches, loss, unemployment, etc., affect us or someone that, we know each and every day. These storms just like the current one are unpredictable, so why is it that we put so much effort into getting prepared for one type of storm and not the other. It is so important that we have enough books, inspirational material, mentors, coaches, advice, support, friendship, etc., that will help us  get through life’s storms. Just think about it, what if we knew that we were at risk of going into debt. And then due to that panic we were motivated to seek credit counseling, earn part-time income, and start budgeting our money. That would make the “storm” of debt easier to digest. Or if we thought our relationship was in jeopardy, we would immediately seek counseling, ask for advice, and or consult the bible. That would make the “storm” of a break-up more tolerable and possibly avoid it all together.

Storms Will Come

I say all of that to say, in life “Storms will come”, but it is how we prepare for them that determines our survival. It is who we surround ourself around, our disposition, and attitude that prepare us for the worst.

How do you prepare for life’s “storms”?

Are You Dedicated?

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.
Paul Bryant

One of the definitions in the dictionary  for dedication reads: self sacrificing devotion. I believe that in order to gain success in life you must be dedicated. Some people are dedicated to being mediocre and not taking risks. I know because I was one of them. I would often pre-occupy myself with other people’s agendas and dreams. I didn’t think that my dreams were attainable. I didn’t think that I was worthy of accomplishing my goals. I have list after list, binder after binder of unfinished projects. It was easy for me to blame other people or lack of compensation but the true culprit was me. I was at complete fault. Why, you may ask? Because I was not dedicated.

Are You Dedicated?

Here are 3 Helpful Strategies that will allow you to become more dedicated.

  1. Identify Your Mission: You must know what it is that requires your dedication. What moves you? What are you passionate about? Pick one thing, and FOCUS.
  2. Become a Student: Think back to when we children in school, we were dedicated to excelling in school. We studied, listened, asked questions, took exams, asked more questions. If you want to become dedicated to a cause, business, relationship, etc., you have to be willing to learn, study, and master what ever your mission is.
  3. Focus Your Energy: Everything must be in alignement with your mission so that you can accomplish it. You must establish a clear path and sacrifice yourself in order to be devoted to your goal. This is so crucial! Do not let anyone or anything distract you from what you are focusing on.

We need to be dedicated to something meaningful in life. I believe that through dedication your purpose will be revealed.

Let’s work on becoming dedicated to something! Share with me what you are dedicated to in the comments section below.

What Does It Mean To THRIVE?

to grow vigorously
to gain in wealth or possessions, prosper
to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

I read somewhere that September is the month of the harvest. Sounds exciting huh? The truth of the matter is if you have been sowing seeds of business, information, spirituality, kindness, etc., then this is your month! I like to think that I have been in the sowing stage for quite sometime. It is a difficult stage to endure. Many of you are probably just like me: you have invested money into your business, time into your relationship and effort into being a better person. Then what happens? You wait for sprouts of hope to manifest themselves and produce an abundance of change. This whole process is pretty profound but what’s next is even more amazing!

Get Ready To THRIVE

Because you were in a state of cultivating there are many things that go on behind the scenes that most are not aware of. Those around us may not see the efforts of our toil. Sometimes even we may not be aware of what is truly going on and how much impact we are on the verge of making.

When you thrive, you will experience an abundance of success in all facets of your life. It is important to stay grounded and focused during this time period. You want your “harvest” to be a calculated effort and you want to make sure you do not waste any of what you have reaped.

Today’s Mission:
Identify what it is that you need in order to THRIVE. Document it in your journal. Later we will explore how to achieve those necessary components.

Are You The Leader Who Serves?


Q: Who makes a great leader?

A: An outstanding servant.

I have been listening to and reading many books on leadership and the characteristics of a great leader. I wasn’t too thrilled by many of the criteria or styles of leadership, so I grabbed the bible and I started reading The Book of Mark, Chapter 9, Verse 35:

35 Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” (NIV)

As I read this passage I began to think of all of the leaders that a exponential impact on the sake of mankind: Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, and of course, Mother Theresa.

Mother Theresa is the quintessential example of a true Servant Leader. She dedicated her life to serve others in any way that she could at a very young age. She formed various missionaries and initiatives to bring peace and provide necessities to those who were destitute and lacking hope. Her submission of her self to God and the will of the people inspired and compelled others to follow her. As a result she became the figurehead of missionaries and her legacy of service lives on and is carried out by those who were touched by her example.

It is now clear to me that before one becomes a dynamic leader, they must first be a humble servant. It is through selfless dedication to serve that stimulates others to do the same.