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The First Day of 2013

The Word For the Day: ANEW

One of the definitions for anew, according to Merriam-Webster.com means:

in a new or different form

I know that you probably have been bombarded with thoughts of “new years resolutions” and all types of hype. Some think that New Year’s resolutions are taboo or all hype. I do not believe that you should wait until the beginning of the new year to change, But I do feel that if you are yearning for change close to the New Year, it is a perfect time to start.

Here’s why…

The fact remains that with some things in your life, the clock has been reset. Major strides in life often happen in 60-90 day cycles and then 6 month and 12 month cycles. For example, you can either destroy or rebuild your credit in 12 months. However, it is what you do in those 60-90 days that contribute to the annual result. Let’s look at weight loss, (fortunately it is a popular subject) a person can lose 100lbs in 1 year, but what cannot be ignored is DAY 1…The start day. The day you start is the most pivotal day of your life, it is when your perspective, your energy, and your actions are all made anew.

The First Day Is a Beautiful Day!

Here is the perspective that I am adopting on this new day of this new year: Every day is the FIRST day. Now I don’t mean that you can keep “doing over” life each day. However, it is important that you know that you have the opportunity to make each day the best day possible. If you keep that perspective and focus, you will find that 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year down the line you have achieved things that you never dreamed of.

Lesson For Today: Don’t focus on the year, month, or the week. Focus on today…the most beautiful day ever! Every day that you wake up, you have a chance to LIVE. Treat every day as a gift and you will feel more fulfilled and honored to receive it.

Create each day anew.
~Morihei Ueshiba

Design Your Life!

Candace M. Braddock

The Mom That Stole Christmas

The Mom Who Stole Christmas

I can’t believe that I did what I did. Did I really just take all of the money that I had set aside for my son and family’s Christmas gifts and spend it on a BUSINESS EVENT?!?! I am truly a GRINCH! I actually just stole Christmas.

These are the thoughts that went through my head last night after I hit “Buy Now” button. But when I woke up, I had a totally different attitude and I don’t feel like the Grinch who stole Christmas anymore, and here’s why…

I knew that over the past few months I haven’t went full throttle with my business. I haven’t given it my all. I wasn’t fully committed. I didn’t take MASSIVE ACTION. I was just ho-humming and shuffling my feet. Do you want to know why? It’s because I actually thought that life is going to WAIT for me to finally get it together and be successful. This is what I thought! But what I finally have come to understand is that time waits for no one…at ALL! This is what has happened as a result of me procrastinating in 2012:

  • Travel: I have not been ANYWHERE this year with my family
  • Clothes: I have not bought any new clothes this year, aside from a pair of jeans and a blazer.
  • Bills: I fell behind in my credit card bills. Why because I was investing money and not ACTION into my business.
  • Spirituality: I’ve been afraid to talk to God, because I felt ashamed of not living a life of abundance (mind, body, soul).

There have been more things but you get the drift. Procrastination has stopped me from living life, I have simply been watching. We are not supposed to be observers of our own life, we are supposed to be participants…ACTIVE participants.

So How Did This Mom Steal Christmas?

I made the decision to commit to my online business and attend our huge event in Austin, Texas. This is the 3rd event that my company has had and the first that one that I actually made a decision to go to. I made the decision that this was going to be the last year that I didn’t take MASSIVE ACTION. I made the decision that this is going to be the last year that I don’t go on at least 5 vacations. I made the decision that this is going to be the last year that I don’t make 6 figures. I made the decision that this was going to be the last year that I hold onto excess weight, weight that has caused be to not have as much energy. I made the decision to finish the book that I have been working on forever. I made the decision that I do not want to carry any of my 2012 baggage into 2013! But in order to bring this vision into fruition, I had to postpone the gift giving this year. Some people think that I am selfish and to that I say, “You must not know me”! I am sacrificing Christmas this year, so that my son can spend Christmas with Mickey Mouse next year. I am sacrificing Christmas this year so that I can send my mother away for her birthday instead of buying her a cake and card. I am sacrificing Christmas this year, so that everyday in 2013 will be Christmas. This is my goal, my plan my mission. Anyone else out there with me?

Let’s Win Together!

Candace M. Braddock

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