Archive | November 2012

Your Health is Your Wealth

In the past couple of months, I have witnessed health related issues being the cause of untimely deaths. I myself have suffered with digestive issues my entire life.   I have been procrastinating eating better and living a healthier life. It has now slapped me in the face that tomorrow is not promised. If we think about it, our bodies are vehicles that we use to get through life. However, some of us take more care of our cars then we do our own bodies. Every 3,000 miles we HAVE to give our car an oil change or it just won’t run efficiently. How many of us give our bodies a reboot after every three months? If you are like me, the answer is no.

Let’s Start Today!

I have been researching body detoxing and I came across a product that I am actually excited about trying.

It is called the Essence of Vitality and it was produced by an amazing woman by the name of Chef Ahki. 

I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to certain products because I have literally tried everything! Potions, pills, wraps, etc., but none of those methods provided the results that are necessary for my long term health. I am not looking for a get “empty” fast type of remedy. I truly want to change my lifestyle, diet, and my internal health. This is why I was immediately drawn to her website because she is an advocate for life style transformation. I am ordering her product as we speak and I can’t wait to partake in this Total Body Renewal!!! Go to her website and let’s renew together!!!