Storms Will Come

Water √

Snacks √

Blankets √

Candles √

I must admit, I took part in the frenzy brought on by Hurricane Sandy. I made sure that I had all of the essentials necessary to maintain my sanity and prevent perpetual boredom. As I am preparing for this storm, I began to think about life. When we think about it, storms come in and out of our lives all of  the time. Storms such as: debt, failed relationships, heartaches, loss, unemployment, etc., affect us or someone that, we know each and every day. These storms just like the current one are unpredictable, so why is it that we put so much effort into getting prepared for one type of storm and not the other. It is so important that we have enough books, inspirational material, mentors, coaches, advice, support, friendship, etc., that will help us  get through life’s storms. Just think about it, what if we knew that we were at risk of going into debt. And then due to that panic we were motivated to seek credit counseling, earn part-time income, and start budgeting our money. That would make the “storm” of debt easier to digest. Or if we thought our relationship was in jeopardy, we would immediately seek counseling, ask for advice, and or consult the bible. That would make the “storm” of a break-up more tolerable and possibly avoid it all together.

Storms Will Come

I say all of that to say, in life “Storms will come”, but it is how we prepare for them that determines our survival. It is who we surround ourself around, our disposition, and attitude that prepare us for the worst.

How do you prepare for life’s “storms”?

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