Sailing Towards The Storm


I am not a fan of most reality television, but my absolute favorite show these days is Deadliest Catch featured on the Discovery Channel. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Discovery Channel tapes the journey of six snow crab fishing boats and their crew during 2 different snow crab fishing seasons in the Bering Sea. Before this show I was never aware of the risks and dangers that these man face in order to satisfy a demand for a food that I love.

During one episode, a descending ice cap forced all but two boats to dock for the rest of the season. The risk of fishing in tremendous amounts of ice and icy weather was not worth it to a majority of the captains. However, one captain was desperate to get out of debt and the other captain was young and wanted to prove that he was just as great as his older peers.  They both BELIEVED that something great was waiting for them on the other side of the ice. So what did they do??? The sailed TOWARDS the ice….WOW!! In the end, the two captains ended their season with record breaking fishing, both making over ONE MILLION dollars.

This made me think about life and the ability for people to see past the storm and SEIZE what is waiting for them. That is an
exercise of belief and vision. The two captains could have docked and safely waited until the storm was over like the other 4 captains, but they didnt. One captain had to much to lose to stay and the other had so much to gain to go. They headed towards the storm despite the dangers, objections from others, even their own fears.

I challenge you to sail towards your storm because through the journey lies your strength and beyond your fears lies your victory.

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