Cooperation vs Compromise


Cooperation vs Compromise

I came across an amazing article on cooperation vs. compromise. I always thought that you had to compromise when in a relationship but the author, Dr. Michael J. Formica says that that is the wrong approach. He goes onto outline 5 points of cooperation that will pretty much guarantee a successful relationship. They are:

  • Communication- being able to communicate your thoughts and feelings to one another effectively and respectfully.
  • Honesty- no secrets or ulterior motives, be open.
  • Objectivity- the ability to see things from both points of view
  • Tolerance-understand values, opinions, beliefs, and or preferences. Then decide whether or not you want to be flexible with some things and not others.
  • Friendship-a trust, bond, and alliance.

This article is phenomenal! All of this time I had it wrong! I have used the word compromise in so many debates as a solution to relationship issues. Have you? Dr. Formica sums it up best:

We strive to survive, but playing “one-up” or “one-down” in our partnerships derails the very thing that is supposed to be feeding and supporting us. Making an agreement to cooperate with our partner, rather than compromise or compete, can lead us to a whole new level of connection and communication.”

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