The Happiness Thief

During the past couple of days, I have been pondering whether or not someone can steal your happiness. I requested the help of the ultimate research assistant to help me with this project…GOOGLE! (LOL). I started to type in key words such as: happiness, thief, burglar,etc. I came across a description of a movie entitled
The Happiness Thief.

A miserable little girl curses her younger brother for being so happy. Little did she know that her curse would summon a grotesque figure who, in the darkness of night, would violently steal the boy’s happiness.

Sometimes I feel as if there are people like this character, who want to literally suck the happiness out of you. But we all know that this is impossible. Happiness is something that you own and you can either give it away on good terms or relinquish it on bad terms. If there is someone in your life that consciously or sub-consciously is making you unhappy, it is because you are letting them. If you know that you have done nothing to deserve this type of “attempted robbery”, just keep smiling. Focus on yourself and everyday attempt to be the best you that you can be. If they don’t appreciate your happiness, there are other people out there who will.

So in the words of the great Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”!

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