Are You An Independent Thinker?



As I watched everyone celebrate Independence Day, I began to reflect on the origination of the holiday. In short, a group of free thinking individuals decided to come together and declare their independence from a governing body that did not have their best interest in mind. I started to evaluate my own life and asses whether or not the people that I surround myself with have my best interest in mind.

Many of my mentors always say, ” You are the sum total of the five people you hang out with.” If this is the case, do your friends or family with whom you spend the most time, value your opinions and ideas and encourage independent opinions and creativity?

I challenge everyone (including myself) to be an independent thinker when it comes to your values, beliefs, and creativity.

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One response to “Are You An Independent Thinker?”

  1. shaunakatdalal says :

    Nice one..!!

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