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“Commitment is what tran…

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism.”
~Abraham Lincoln~

I challenge everyone this weekend to make a commitment to a better you. Often times we wait until the New Year to re-invent or renew ourselves. START NOW! The world is waiting to feel your impact! #DesignYourLife!

Is Success Important?




favorable or desired outcome; the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.

There was a time when I thought success was measured by popularity and material things. I assumed that if I didn’t have those two things then I wasn’t successful. I did not realize that popularity and material ‘trinkets’ are considered superficial success. Someone can be popular but not respected. You can have many possessions but be morally destitute. I lived a life full of things and void of fulfillment.

So now that we know what success is NOT, let us dig into what is considered success.

Goals- If you have goals and work constantly and consistently to achieve them…SUCCESS!

Values- If you set values for yourself and uphold them…SUCCESS!

Vision-If you can see what life is like in the future and create passion for it in the present…SUCCESS

These are just a few examples of what I think success is.

How do you define SUCCESS?

Get Focused


To direct toward a particular point or purpose.

How many of you find it hard to focus? I certainly do!  I find it difficult to focus on priorities and things of importance. I never knew why until just recently. The reason why I couldn’t focus on the things that matter most is because those things required the MOST focus. To be focused requires discipline and discipline is something that you have to consciously accept and execute. You must evaluate what is important and what is not and the aggressively focus on what is important.

So how does one focus? You must direct all thoughts and actions into the task at hand. It is impossible for us to focus on more than one things at a time. Just think about it. A GPS cannot direct you to a certain destination, while calculating a future destination. The system will continue to guide you until you reach the said location. Now, YOU may stop the GPS and input another destination and at that point the GPS will recalculate your trip and FOCUS on getting you to the new destination.

You must see your brain or consciousness as a GPS of your life. Focus on one destination at a time. Complete your goals (trips) and then move on to the next. If not, you will find yourself riding through life without getting anything accomplished

How Strong is Your Faith?



confidence or trust in a person or thing, belief that is not based on proof.
It is very difficult to have faith when life seems unpredictable and unfair. There have been plenty of times when my faith in God, people, and myself was non-existent simply because the “sun wasn’t shining”. Have you ever been in situations in which you ask yourself, “why is this happening to me?” and because you cannot come up with a logical or reasonable explanation, you relinquish all faith in a better tomorrow.
Recently, I have come to realize that faith is something that is learned and tested. It does not matter if you have faith in a person, a system, or a higher power. What does matter is that you trust that what you believe in will come to fruition regardless of proof.
What do you have faith in?
What strengthens your faith?
Is your faith in synergy with your beliefs?

Who Is Your Partner?



one that shares, one associated with another especially in an action.


Have you ever felt that you could do everything by yourself, only to find out that you were sadly mistaken? Are you looking to improve or excel in an area of life? If this is you then you probably need a partner or partners. Hey Batman had Robin, Cagney had Lacey, Starsky had Hutch, and so on and so forth. You need someone too! Right now, I am on a mission to improve EVERY facet of my life from business, to spirituality, to image, to health, and everything in between. I have realized that I can not re-invent myself by myself Why, you ask? This is because I am not an expert in any of these arenas and I need to align myself with those who are experts to achieve OPTIMAL results.

Many people assume that their significant other should be the person that can be their ALL-AROUND partner. And while some people are lucky enough to have a husband or wife that will CONSISTENTLY work-out with them, go to church with them, give sound business, beauty, and health advice, most of us just aren’t that lucky. Now that is not to say that over time your significant other can’t help you in all of these areas, because they can if they want to. But initially, that is a lot of pressure and assumed roles to put on any one person.

So I challenge you today, to examine the areas of life that you wish to improve. Write them down. Then find a mentor, coach, or advisor who will help you set goals and and plan out how you can effectively execute them.


Invest In You



to use, give, or devote, as for a purpose or to achieve something

Recently, I have been apart of many conversations regarding investments. With the recent Facebook IPO frenzy, everyone is putting on their Wall Street hats and are hyped to go dump their savings to invest in Facebook. It amazes me how many people are willing to invest in someone else’s success before their own. To be clear, I am an advocate of SMART investing when you are willing AND able. However, I am a full fledged cheerleader of investing in one’s self.

R.O.I. (Return On Investment)

In April, I attended a Social Media Workshop that was held in downtown New York City. The workshop was ridiculously priced at $25.00!!! For the amount of invaluable information, I would have payed 10x’s that amount! In the past year, I have invested more time, money, and effort into myself than I have in my entire life. The return on investment on that is priceless. You can not put a price tag on self development, a healthier body, and/or a better spirit. All of these things make you a better person and in business people work with people they like.

So I challenge everyone who reads this to try investing in themselves before they invest in a company. Things such as books, seminars, conferences, fitness activities, better food, volunteering, charities, etc., all are all investments for a better you!

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Let’s Win Together!
Candace M. Braddock

The Art of Being Aware


Having knowledge or cognizance, watchful.

A while back I was watching an interview with Deepak Chopra and he stated, “The only way to solve a problem is to expand your awareness.”

It took me quite some time to deconstruct and digest the meaning of his quote. But when I finally did, I had the biggest ‘A-Ha” moment ever. I realized that I had been living my live in a state of unawareness. I did what I wanted, when I wanted and I had no consciousness of the consequences. I did not care about how my thoughts, words, and/or actions affected people. I was completely absorbed within myself. That would explain why I lived a life void of happiness, success, fulfillment, and purpose.

When You Know Better, You Do Better

I am now in a complete sense of awareness. I view myself as the observer of my thoughts, words, and actions and it is kind of awesome!! I am now conscious of the fact that my thoughts, words, and actions have the power to generate either positive or negative energy.  I am now focused on putting out positive energy and by default positive energy will be reflected back to me.

Are you aware of your existence in this world? Post your comments below!

The Power of Belief



to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something,
although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.
I can honestly say that throughout my life I never really believed in anything until 2 years ago. For instance, I was aware that God existed but I didn’t believe that he existed in my life. I was aware that I could be successful but I didn’t believe that I had what it took to be successful. I was aware that I could be happy but I didn’t believe that happiness was going to be apart of my life…EVER!
By not believing in happiness, success, and God, I continued to live a life with no accountability or purpose. I was simply surviving instead of LIVING. Fast forward to 2010, I realized that all my life I didn’t believe in myself, and how detrimental that was to my very being. I started to deconstruct my life and I began to understand why somethings happened the way that they did.  I realized that I wasn’t making any progress in my spiritual, professional, or personal life because I was taking the blame for things that weren’t my fault while simultaneously not being accountable for the things that were. I started to take ownership of the things that I was responsible for and revoke ownership of the things that I wasn’t responsible for.
“Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.”
I now believe that I can move on to accomplish great things and live an amazing life. I believe that if somethings happens to me (that I have no control of) it is happening for a reason. I am not being punished and am being taught a lesson.
I challenge you to believe that you are not what you have been. There is something greater and more profound for you beyond you wall of struggle right now.

How Do You Stay Excited?


Do you believe that excitement cultivates success?

Being an entrepreneur, I know for a fact that excitement is what drives my business.There are days that I may be ill, or in a drab mood and those are the days that my business suffers. In a perfect world, my mood wouldn’t have such an effect on my business. But because I am my business and my business is me, I can not separate the two.

So what is a entrepreneur to do?? How do I stay excited and in a great mood, despite things that could possible arise in my day to day life?

1. Check Your Self!

         Everyday I wake up and I take a positive inventory on my life. I woke up (check). I can walk, talk, think, and see(check). My family is just as equally healthy(check). I encourage all of you to do this. If you focus on all of the positive things in your life, it makes the negative things seem trivial.

2. It’s Not About You!

      After you take I take my personal positive inventory, I shift the focus off of myself for the rest of the day. I have recently learned that life is not about you but how you make an impact in life. I focus on how I can help someone else EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is not easy but it is very rewarding and it will keep your excitement level up. You can offer time, kind words, a smile, etc. You will see that once you start helping others, you life will become more fulfilled and exciting!


I challenge you to try these two KEY things and see how it affects your business and your life. Here’s to staying EXCITED!!!!