What Are You Doing To Make Ends Meet?


When is Enough, Enough?

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I always thought that I would always have security with a career. I worked as a counselor and I just knew that I would never have to worry about employment. right? WRONG! Life started to happen and I gave birth to my son and everything as I knew it changed. I realized that the future of my son and my family was my responsibility and no one else’s, including a JOB. As we all know, in this economy JOBS are not safe! So I decided to bet on myself and venture out into the world of entrepreneurship and I have not looked back since! I love being a stay at home mom that pays the bills. I now have the freedom to visit my son at school, visit family members, and do all of the things that I want to do. My business has afforded me the income that is allowing me to pursue my passion, which is being a life coach for teenage girls. I believe that a blessing isn’t a blessing until you share it with someone else.

Here is an overview of my at home business:

Business Opportunity

Oportunidad de Negocio

Times are changing and it is up to us to provide a better future for our families! I encourage you to click on the links and tell me what you think. Let’s build together! #DesignYourLife

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