Do You Have a Daily Mode of Operation?

In April, I attended a social media workshop for entrepreneurs hosted by The Network For Women In Business. One of the most profound things that I was able to implement is creating a Daily Mode of Operation or DMO. Some of you reading this are familiar with a DMO and some are not. Your DMO is simply a list of things that you must do everyday for your business or life to function is a productive way. If you are a stay-at-home parent your DMO is completely different then someone who works 12 hours/day in corporate America. Whatever role or position that you have, establishing a DMO is very important. Here are the first five things in my DMO:

  • Check/Send Emails
  • Post Blog
  • Create To Do List
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Review Appointments

Entrepreneurs should create a solid DMO and adhere to it. DMO’s eliminate procrastination after it becomes a habit. It also provides structure in your day, and ultimately your business.


I challenge you to create a DMO for yourself. Make sure that you include everything that needs to get done during a typical day for you. Track your progress after 2 weeks, I KNOW that you will be successful!



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One response to “Do You Have a Daily Mode of Operation?”

  1. Toni Coleman Brown says :

    Thanks so much for the mention Candace. So glad that the information is working for you. You have to check out the testimonial video for the Ultimate Social Media Mastery Course. Check it out at

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