Get Focused


To direct toward a particular point or purpose.

How many of you find it hard to focus? I certainly do!  I find it difficult to focus on priorities and things of importance. I never knew why until just recently. The reason why I couldn’t focus on the things that matter most is because those things required the MOST focus. To be focused requires discipline and discipline is something that you have to consciously accept and execute. You must evaluate what is important and what is not and the aggressively focus on what is important.

So how does one focus? You must direct all thoughts and actions into the task at hand. It is impossible for us to focus on more than one things at a time. Just think about it. A GPS cannot direct you to a certain destination, while calculating a future destination. The system will continue to guide you until you reach the said location. Now, YOU may stop the GPS and input another destination and at that point the GPS will recalculate your trip and FOCUS on getting you to the new destination.

You must see your brain or consciousness as a GPS of your life. Focus on one destination at a time. Complete your goals (trips) and then move on to the next. If not, you will find yourself riding through life without getting anything accomplished

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