Who Is Your Partner?



one that shares, one associated with another especially in an action.


Have you ever felt that you could do everything by yourself, only to find out that you were sadly mistaken? Are you looking to improve or excel in an area of life? If this is you then you probably need a partner or partners. Hey Batman had Robin, Cagney had Lacey, Starsky had Hutch, and so on and so forth. You need someone too! Right now, I am on a mission to improve EVERY facet of my life from business, to spirituality, to image, to health, and everything in between. I have realized that I can not re-invent myself by myself Why, you ask? This is because I am not an expert in any of these arenas and I need to align myself with those who are experts to achieve OPTIMAL results.

Many people assume that their significant other should be the person that can be their ALL-AROUND partner. And while some people are lucky enough to have a husband or wife that will CONSISTENTLY work-out with them, go to church with them, give sound business, beauty, and health advice, most of us just aren’t that lucky. Now that is not to say that over time your significant other can’t help you in all of these areas, because they can if they want to. But initially, that is a lot of pressure and assumed roles to put on any one person.

So I challenge you today, to examine the areas of life that you wish to improve. Write them down. Then find a mentor, coach, or advisor who will help you set goals and and plan out how you can effectively execute them.


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