How Do You Stay Excited?


Do you believe that excitement cultivates success?

Being an entrepreneur, I know for a fact that excitement is what drives my business.There are days that I may be ill, or in a drab mood and those are the days that my business suffers. In a perfect world, my mood wouldn’t have such an effect on my business. But because I am my business and my business is me, I can not separate the two.

So what is a entrepreneur to do?? How do I stay excited and in a great mood, despite things that could possible arise in my day to day life?

1. Check Your Self!

         Everyday I wake up and I take a positive inventory on my life. I woke up (check). I can walk, talk, think, and see(check). My family is just as equally healthy(check). I encourage all of you to do this. If you focus on all of the positive things in your life, it makes the negative things seem trivial.

2. It’s Not About You!

      After you take I take my personal positive inventory, I shift the focus off of myself for the rest of the day. I have recently learned that life is not about you but how you make an impact in life. I focus on how I can help someone else EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is not easy but it is very rewarding and it will keep your excitement level up. You can offer time, kind words, a smile, etc. You will see that once you start helping others, you life will become more fulfilled and exciting!


I challenge you to try these two KEY things and see how it affects your business and your life. Here’s to staying EXCITED!!!!

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